How to choose a right Telescoping Ladder for Personal use-Gokulad
How to choose a right Telescoping Ladder
How to choose a right Telescoping Ladder for personal use or for B2B business buyers? There are many...
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Gokulad Attend the NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW 2024 (5)
Gokulad Attend the NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW 2024
Discover Innovative Telescopic Ladders and Camping wagon for Car Roof Tents at Las Garden Hardware Show...
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Gokulad is Ladder exhibitor of EISENWARENMESSE Fair in 2024 (1)
EISENWARENMESSE Fair in 2014 With over 2800 exhibitors from around 55 countries International Hardware Fair Cologne...
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How Gokulad factory produces your products
How We Produce Your Order Products
From the time you place your order to the time we ship it. What departments are involved, what steps...
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Gokulad ladder supplier at China International Hardware Show in Shanghai
Gokulad at China International Hardware Show
As the largest and most influential exhibition in Asia within the hardware industry – China International...
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How do i track my b2b trade order via gokulad self-developed system
How do I Track My Order
In traditional B2B trade, the ways to check the progress of an order are: (1) Send an email inquiry and...
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How to Protect the Safety of Your Payment
This question involves 2 different aspects. (1) As this is your first cooperation, how can you ensure...
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Ladder and trolley supplier GOKULAD took part in the ChongQing Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Fair
ChongQing E-Commerce Trade Fair 2023
Back in May this year, we went to Chongqing Municipality to take part in two exhibitions. The 2nd China...
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Choose the safest ladder for seniors
What is the Safest Ladder for Seniors?
Climbing is a potentially dangerous activity for young people, not to mention the elderly. But even though...
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The significance of EN131 certificate for wholesalers
Is EN131 Certificate Required For Wholesalers?
In 2019, a big wholesaler of outdoor tools in Germany hired a Hong Kong trading company. Through them,...
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What is the EN131 standard for ladders
What is the EN131 standard for ladders?
Just as people need to follow the legal constraints of society, products also have their own standards....
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Gokulad ladder supplier at the China International Hardware Show
Top International Hardware Show | Gokulad At The Fair
China International Hardware Show (CIHS) is the leading exhibition of hardware and DIY industry in Asia....
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Helpful advice on how to find reliable ladder supplier from Gokulad
How To Find Reliable Ladder Supplier
Finding a reliable supplier is a tough job, as there are many options nowadays. We need to know both...
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How Do I Start Telescopic Ladder Business (Beginners)
Starting a business is a big decision as it is related to your income and future, and it will be a lifelong...
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GOKULAD Team at Philippine Exhibition - Worldbex 2023
Ladder Supplier in Worldbex 2023
Worldbex, one of the largest construction expos in the Philippines, concluded last week. As a first-time...
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At What Age Should Us Stop Climbing Ladders?
Climbing Is Risky We need to recognise that climbing ladders can be a dangerous activity, especially...
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A girl standing on a telescopic ladder cleaning curtains
Tips for Choosing Right Telescopic Ladder for Your Home
When it comes to choosing the right telescopic ladder for home use, there are a few things to consider....
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A girl is climbing up a telescopic ladder in the studio
The Benefits of Using a Telescopic Ladder
A ladder is an essential tool for any homeowner or professional, and there are many different types of...
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direct telescopic ladder supplier & manufacturer GOKULAD plans to attend the exhibition of worldbex 2023
WorldBEX 2023 - GOKULAD First Stop of Expos Trip
The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition One of Asia’s largest building and construction...
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direct telescopic ladder supplier & manufacturer GOKULAD is ready to exhibit worldwide in 2023
GOKULAD 2023 Global Exhibitions Schedule
Exhibition Is Bridge With the liberalisation of epidemic restrictions in China at the end of 2022, we...
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Happy New Year 2023 from GOKULAD, telescopic ladder supplier and manufacturer
Happy CNY 2023 and GOKULAD Holiday Schedule
Thanksgiving 2022 To All partners and friends, On behalf of the marketing department, sales department...
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Zita Zhou

Hi there, I’m Zita, editor-in-chief of Gokulad.

Studying Portuguese at university and dreaming of becoming a diplomat. I could never have imagined that I would join a ladder factory after graduation, where I have been working ever since!

I’ve been to the front line of our factory and experienced first-hand how ladders and trolleys are made. I’ve assembled parts, helped with packaging, and gotten an in-depth look at every aspect of the factory.

There’s something magical about industrial manufacturing that shows me how the world works. How an item gets to every consumer and creates an economy for a country.

I won’t regret that my college dreams didn’t come true. Because foreign trade has also opened my eyes to a vast world. I have participated in many exhibitions, got to some countries, and did business with people from different countries.

In the future, I will continue to share professional knowledge about ladders, trolleys, and foreign trade with you, and do my best to help more people. If you want to chat with me, that’s my big pleasure!

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