GOKULAD 2023 Global Exhibitions Schedule

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Exhibition Is Bridge

With the liberalisation of epidemic restrictions in China at the end of 2022, we are actively looking for more opportunities in the new year.

GOKULAD plans to go out by exhibiting in order to bring to you the good products that have been developed over the last few years.

This is not only what we must do in order to gain more opportunities, but also a way for GOKULAD to show all our customers that we are sincere in our cooperation.

Experience our ladder and folding wagon in person, meet us face to face and communicate the latest market information, the most suitable products for you, this will be the beginning of our trust building!

GOKULAD’s Exhibition Schedule

This year, we will be attending exhibitions in many countries.

Our first stop in 2023 is Germany.

We have a product showroom at the Yongkang brand manufacturer supplier showroom in Frankfurt, Germany!

Addresses of German showroom

Showroom Address: Hessenring 15f, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany.

Avaible Time: 2023.02.01-2023.12.31

Whenever you‘re free in Germany, you are welcome to actually visit our products and we will answer your questions at any time online.

GOKULAD products in Germany showroom

Meanwhile, we are also preparing for the Philippine exhibition.

The 27th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX)

Available Time: March 16-19, 2023

Host City: Manila

Exhibition Cycle: Once a year


In the future, GOKULAD will also meet you in cities such as Russia, Thailand, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and Australia!

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