How To Avoid Over-Climbing On Ladders

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When you’re working on a ladder, it’s vital that you avoid overreaching because this can cause you (and your ladder) to fall. Time and time again, people get up the ladder and realise they’ve not quite positioned their ladder right for working. Rather than climbing back down, moving the ladder a few inches to the left or right and climbing back up again, they simply extend their reach. This is where dangerous accidents can occur!


Why is overreaching so dangerous?

The science behind the dangers of overreaching is pretty simple. When you climb a ladder, you generally climb directly up the centre in a careful, balanced fashion. As you climb, you become the ladder’s centre of gravity. This means if you lean too far to the left or right, you shift the ladder’s centre of gravity and cause the ladder to wobble or topple over completely. As we’re sure you’re aware, a fall from height can cause serious injuries & in some cases can be fatal!


How can I avoid overreaching?

The key to avoiding overreaching is following proper ladder safety guidelines. We’ve talked about ways to use ladders safely time and time again, but here’s a brief reminder of some safety tips you can use to avoid overreaching while on a ladder:

  • Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder
  • Always keep your body centred between the side rails of the ladder
  • Take time to climb down and reposition the ladder if necessary


What if my ladder is too short?

If you find yourself overreaching because your ladder is too short for the task at hand, buy a new one or seek the help of a professional. It may seem like an inconvenience, but trust us, it’s not worth risking your life over.

Here at Gokulad, we offer a wide range of ladders in different heights that will allow you to complete almost any job safely. We even offer specialised ladders for working on roofs (roof ladders) or with electrics (FRP steps).

Combination ladders are especially good for avoiding overreaching because they can be re-configured and used for a wide variety of tasks. Take a closer look at some of our best selling ladders.


We hope that these tips will help you avoid overreaching while on a ladder.

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