How to Self-install Electric Loft Ladder?

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Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to incorporate a ladder into your existing loft hatch (as most hatches aren’t suitable for this), the following steps assume that you’ll be creating a new hatch in your ceiling before installing the loft ladder.

Can I fit a loft ladder myself?

If you’ve found yourself asking – can I fit a loft ladder myself? We’re here to reassure you that the loft ladder installation process is fairly simple. Whether you’re a keen DIY-er with years of experience fitting and installing things around your home, or you’re a complete beginner with no DIY knowledge at all, our loft ladders are easy to install. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide to get you started, but be sure to study the instructions that come with your chosen loft ladder carefully. DIY jobs like this are often easier when there are two people on hand, so employ a friend or partner if you find you’re struggling to fit a loft ladder on your own.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Power drill
  • Saw
  • Craft knife
  • Carpenter’s square

Fitting the ladder

Before you can place your new loft ladder into the opening you’ve created, you’ll need to add some battens to support the frame. Nail a length of wood to each side of the opening – make sure the battens are securely fixed and level with one another.

Now place the ladder assembly in the floor opening (positioned so that it is supported by the battens). Check from below – or ask someone else to check for you – that the frame is flush with the ceiling.

Before you move on to the final step, ensure that the ladder is able to open and close correctly in its current position.

Securing your loft ladder

Once you’re happy with the position of your loft ladder, it’s time to fix it in place. Drill at least two holes in each side of the frame (three holes for longer sides) and screw it into place. You can use a hammer and nails if you prefer.

Ensure that the ladder is secure before attempting to use it. Depending on the type of product you’ve purchased, you may need to cut the ladder’s lower section to the correct length for your floor.


So there you have it, that’s how to install a loft ladder on your own. If your DIY skills leave a lot to be desired, you can always skip the above steps and hire a contractor to cut a new hatch and install your loft ladder for you.

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