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How We Produce Your Order Products

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From the time you place your order to the time we ship it. What departments are involved, what steps are taken, how long does it take, and how do we ensure the quality of your purchase and its on-time delivery?

Let us show you how we fulfill the trust you place in us.

Step 1: Confirm Sales Contract

How the factory produces depends on the contract you signed with the salesperson.

Once you have communicated and finalized the order’s details with your dedicated salesperson, you can sign a formal contract.

The sales will communicate your needs precisely to the factory, follow up the whole production and keep you informed. Salesperson will handle everything before shipment.

● Department involved: Sales Department

● Time spent: 5~30 days

The time from communication to formal contract is entirely up to you. Because maybe you need more time to think about it or need to determine the quality of the samples before you can decide whether to place an order or not. No matter how much time you need, the sales team will maintain the highest efficiency for you.

Step 2: Deposit

After the contract, you need to pay a deposit for the order to be valid. Generally, the deposit is 30% of the total amount of the order.

The finance department will inform the sales team when they receive notification from the bank that the deposit has arrived.

● Department involved: Finance Department

● Time spent: 2~5 days

In a normal cross-border transaction, the bank will receive the payment within a week.

Step 3: Production-Material Procurement

After the salesperson know that the deposit has been received. They will send the contract to the Procurement Department as soon as possible to convert the contract into a production order.

Procurement will purchase all the materials needed to produce your order.

● Department involved: Procurement Department

● Time spent: 5~10 days

Time for all materials to arrive at the factory.

Step 4: Manufacture of Products

Actually the production process is fast, on average, it takes 10 days to produce the finished goods of 40-foot Container. (take the telescopic ladder as an example, one 40-foot Container is about 1,500 units)

You may wonder why the delivery time is so long, 15~30 days, when we say our monthly production is 22,000 pieces. Because by the time all the new orders reach the Production Department, the production department often accumulates a lot of previously received orders and needs to finish producing them first. We don’t just get an order and go into production right away, there is a queuing period.

During the production period, the salesman will keep an eye on every step (e.g. cutting, grinding, assembling), supervise the factory, supervise the progress, ensure the quality of the products while delivering them on time, and take photos and video recordings to visualize the production, so that it is convenient to provide you with the progress at any time when you want to know about it.

In order to serve you better, we have also developed an order follow-up system, which you can learn about if you are interested.

● Department involved: Production Department

● Time spent: 7~15 days

Step 5: Inspection

This step is to re-assure the quality of the product.

● Department involved: Inspection Department

● Time spent: 1~2 days

Step 6: Packing & Warehouse

After the inspection, the worker will clean up the products and pack them according to your requirements. And then put tem into the warehouse for shipment.

● Department involved: Packaging Department

● Time spent: 1~2 days

Step 7: Delivery

The salesperson will contact you one week before the completion of production to discuss the delivery date, then contact the freight forwarder to start booking, and inform you of the approximate date of arrival at the port of destination.

● Department involved: Sales Department

● Time spent: 3~10 days


After you get the goods, don’t worry that we will stop here, we will provide professional after-sales service for you. We are still standing by for you 24h.

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