Laser Cutting Machine 2000W

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MOQ: 1pc
Color: Blue (Customize Color is Accetpable)
Port: Ningbo
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Lead Time: 20-35 days
Warranty: 365days

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3D Side Hanging Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Designed for cutting pipes used in ladder and scaffolding applications.
With computer controlled operation, programmable cutting paths can increase productivity and reduce operating costs. One worker can operate 2 machines at the same time, greatly reducing labor costs.
Can cut a variety of different materials, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass rods. Can also meet the unique requirements of pipe cutting used in ladder and scaffolding structures, which often involve angled precision cutting.

Main Parts of Laser Cutting Machine Side Hanging Laser Machine from Manufacturer Supplier Gokulad
Use steps of Laser cutting Machine-Gokulad

Use Steps of the Laser Machine

1、Place the workpiece into the standby
2、Press the start button, the silo limit plate
has a signal.
3、The motor drives the workpiece to the
following loading level, pushes the top of the
plate to remove the pipe from the bin and
sends it to the clamping level.
4、The back chuck clamps the pipe fitting,
pushes the workpiece into the tail clamp,
and the chuck clamps the pipe fitting.
5、The laser head performs the workpiece
cutting process, and the workpiece is
attached to the bed when the cutting is
6、Loop execution.

semi-automatic laser machine supplier pipe cutting machine manufacturer gokulad
Automatic Laser Machine Supplier Pipe Cutting Machine Manufacturer Gokulad

Semi-auto Laser Cutting Machine load 9pcs pipe at once

Automatic Laser Machine can load a bulk of pipes

3D Laser Machine Cut all kind of pipes


1 Pipe length 5800-6200mm
2 Pipe diameter clamping range Maximum size of pipe section: 16mm-120mm
3 A-axis travel 500mm
4 Z-axis travel 300mm
5 X-axis travel 150mm
6 X, Y-axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/1000mm
7 X, Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
8 U-axis maximum speed 180RPM
9 X/Y-axis maximum acceleration 1.2G
10 Y-axis maximum empty speed ≤100m/min (without support frame)
11 Chuck maximum load KG Rated load: 70KG (represents chuck  performance indicators only)
12 Product Size 9650*2550*2650mm


Lead time: 20~35 days

Fumigation wood pallet support the machine

how to load the laser cutting machine-gokulad

how to load the laser cutting machine-gokulad