Telescoping leg stepladder

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Color: Green+Aluminum
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Stable triangular structure for more safety. Made of high quality 6063 aluminum alloy material, lightweight, hard and durable. Each rung is tightly riveted to the ladder post. With a safe load capacity of 150 kg, it can support at least two people standing at the same time.

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It is specially designed for some special situations, for example, when you need to use the ladder on the stairs, many ladders are not available because they have parallel feet and can only be used on a flat surface. This ladder can adjust the feet to fit the stair steps, which is very safe, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.

Purchase 2-in-1 Double-side Aluminum Ladder with Adjustable Feet (9)


A telescoping leg stepladder is a type of ladder that has adjustable legs, allowing it to be used on uneven surfaces or at different heights. The telescoping legs can be extended or retracted to provide stability and support when working on various tasks. This type of ladder is commonly used for tasks such as painting, changing light bulbs, or accessing high shelves. Telescoping leg stepladders are designed to be compact and portable, making them convenient for both professional and DIY use. They come in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different needs and preferences. Always make sure to follow safety guidelines and precautions when using any type of ladder to prevent accidents and injuries.

Item Steps H(cm) W(cm) D(cm) L(cm) Top Step(cm) N.W(kg) CBM/PC
ML604 4 99-123 40.5-43 70-86 206-256 31*16 5.95 0.059
ML605 5 128-152 43.5-46 86-99 266-316 31*16 6.75 0.079
ML606 6 157-180 46.5-49 103-119 326-376 31*16 7.6 0.101
ML607 7 186-208 49.5-52.5 117-130 386-436 31*16 8.45 0.125
ML608 8 213-236 53-55.5 137-154 446-496 31*16 9.4 0.151


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