How to know if a ladder is of good or bad quality

When you plan to purchase a good-quality ladder, go online and google, you will find that the price of ladders varies greatly, ranging from $20 to $600. Even if you shop around, there are always better and cheaper ladders. Some people don’t want to waste time on comparisons, often will directly choose the expensive or big brand ladders. Then we can think about this question: The expensive ladder is of good quality, but what exactly makes them expensive?

Factors affect the price of ladder

Ladders vary in price depending on their material & material thickness, type, craft and certifications, of which the raw material has the greatest impact.

Raw Material

There are four main raw materials of ladder, and the price trend for different materials of same product is: fiberglass > aluminium > stainless steel > steel.


High demands on the production environment and the skill of the workers in the manufacture of FRP means that the price of ladders made from it is naturally not low.


1, Rich colours & high visibility.
2, Lightweight & high strength.
3, Good designability.
4, Corrosion resistance, good resistance to atmosphere, water, acids, oils and etc.
5, Electrical insulation, ideal ladder for electricians.
6, Heat and cold resistant, allowing you to work in extreme environments.

Aluminium alloy

One of the most common metal materials for ladder, In addition the reinforced anodised aluminium is more beautiful in appearance and more durable.


1, Rich colours & high visibility.
2, High strength, safe to use.
3, Good corrosion resistance, anodised aluminium treatment for total corrosion protection.
4, Durable, long time service.

Stainless steel

2 times harder than aluminium, cheaper than aluminium, household products mainly.


1, Rich colours & high visibility.
2, Not easy to rust, durable.
3, Heat resistant, corrosion resistant.


Lower purchase price, cost saving, mostly household products.


1, Heavy and stable.

Thickness of material

Generally speaking, suppliers save costs from raw materials, therefore it is difficult for buyers to judge the ladder quality from the surface. And some ladders are priced high precisely because it can guarantee the specified material thickness and length to meet the standard.

Although low-cost ladders ensure the cost benefit, but behind the safety risks brought about is worth warning.

Types & Craft

The more complex the production craft, the higher the price of ladder, as more worker cost are incurred. And different types of ladder have different processes, fiberglass ladder and telescopic ladder with complex craft are naturally more expensive than simple process ladder, like step ladder.


Only ladders that meet the strict quality requirements can get the certification, and these certificated ladders exceed the quality of most on the market, and of course/also their price.

Cheap is not good?

High priced ladders are guaranteed quality, but cheap ladders are not all bad, some types of ladders are low priced because of their own materials and the manufacturing craft etc. This is all justified.

What we need to watch out for are the extremely cheap ladders.

How to judge the quality of a ladder

In addition to directly choosing high-priced and big brand ladders, it is also possible to buy a ladder with nice price and quality, as consumers how do we judge the quality of these ladders good or bad?

Step ladder

1, Complete and has clean appearance.
2, Whole frame is firm and stable, standing up without much shaking.
3, No rusting (steel ladder).

Telescopic ladder

1, All parts are in their place.
2, Plastic parts burr less, not sticking.
3, The operation of every section to open and close smoothly, no jams.
4, Open the ladder and stand on, the bending degree is normal, and the shaking is not big.

Multi-purpose ladder

1, No deformation & dent.
2, All joint head function normally, no damage.
3, Hinge lock is fixed solid.
4, No missing accessories, such as stabilizer, screws, etc.

Extension ladder

1, No dent and broken marks in the ladder.
2, Complete without missing parts.

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