WorldBEX 2023 – GOKULAD First Stop of Expos Trip

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The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition

One of Asia’s largest building and construction exhibitions, World Build Expo Philippines, will be opening in March! As we are closely related to the hardware and building materials industry, we‘ll naturally participate in this industry event as well.

Local wholesalers of ladders or power tools from the Philippines or other parts of Asia are welcome to visit the GOKULAD booth, we have brought novelty products that will surely give you some surprises.

Exhibition Details

Focused on building good business deals between stakeholders, this Worldbex event showcases products such as construction equipment, interior decorations, garden and landscaping tools and accessories, DIY home improvement kits and much more.

Available Time: March 16-19, 2023

Host City: Manila

Exhibition Cycle: Once a year

GOKULAD’s booth

Booth No.: S7007

Our booth was purposely chosen at the edge of the showroom because we think it is more memorable, like our products.

Products brought to exposition

At the suggestion of our local customers, ladders we focus on telescopic ladders, of which the single-sided and double-sided ones are the most popular among Filipino consumers. In addition to the already hot models in the market, it is essential to have innovative new ladders that can bring new traffic and attention to your saturated consumer volume.

For example, GOKULAD’s main ladder in 2023, patented telescopic aluminum ladder with pro quality, pro creativity, and pro beauty, but the price is still beautiful.

Other popular ladders in the Philippines are the multi purpose ladder and the step stool ladder, for which GOKULAD brought the basic models respectively. Our advantage for these two ladders is that, as a direct telescopic ladder manufacturer, we can give our customers more support, OEM custom service, quantity, packaging, etc.

In addition to the ladders, we also brought the electric sand planer, a practical tool for decoration.

After knowing the product overview above, are you already looking forward to seeing our products in person? so please come to our booth!

Why Philippines For Our First Stop

  • It was held relatively early and is not far from China in terms of distance.
  • With a population of over 100 million, the Philippines has a large enough consumer market and a lot of potential.
  • We have local clients that we can visit on the way.