Why Gokulad

Focus on product quality

We select domestic high-quality raw material suppliers, and ensure the same quality between batches.

Pursue product innovation

Unique products, to expand product sales advantages.

Protect regional agents

We have unique products with reliable quality, protect our exclusive agent market, and maintain their profit margins.

ODM capabilities

According to the market and dealer's feedback, develop new products to meet the needs of front-end sales.

New product priority

Our cooperative customers enjoy the priority to sell new products in their market.

Business support

We offer our VIP customers more support (payment, advance stocking, design, ect) in marketing.

Help customer specialization

We'll help customers understand product standards, structure, distinguish quality, and purchase value for money.

Worry-free procurement

Provide shipping and freight forwarding customs clearance services, and help small customers start their own businesses.

Customer assistant

We'd like to assist customers to purchase other domestic products, arrange shipments, and help customers develop product lines.