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How to choose a right Telescoping Ladder for personal use or for B2B business buyers? There are many comments could be find from google, but as a Ladder Manufacturer Supplier, we want to share some of our thoughts.

First determine the size

Theoretical formula:
Open Size-1 meter+User height=Maximum reachable height.

For example: The height of my room is 2.5 meters, my height 1.7meter, So in theory, I just need to buy a ladder with a open height of no less than 1.8 meters.

Pratical formula:
Open Size-1.5 meter+User height=Maximum reachable height.

Bcz the top three steps cannot be climbed, as it is easy to fall due to loss of balance. At the same time, the top tube is the thinnest and has the weakest ability to bear weight. So in the life, we tend to leave the top 5 steps as body support and not use them.

The top three steps cannot be climbed

Include Max capacity weight + Anti-pinch safety function + Wide steps + Color customization + Accessories, etc.

(1)Max capacity:

Generally, the label shows Max capacity150kg, as a factory, i will say the actual some ladders not like the label’s shows.

Let’s know the main factors that will affect the max capacity:
The thickness and hardness of the aluminum tube, 6061 better than 6063.
The strength of the plastic parts, New material better than recycle material.
The firmness of the connection between the aluminum tube and the plastic parts, Those that have rivets holding the plastic parts to the aluminum tube are better than those that don’t have.
The length of the overlapping part of the aluminum tube, the long is better than the short, but not the longer the better, then the ladder will be very heavy.
And the assembly process, A skilled assembler not only assembles the ladder quickly but also assembles the ladder with stable quality, all parts installed in place, basically no falling off, no jamming locks and so on.
Above are the most important factors.

The strength of the plastic parts, tubes and overlap length-Telescopic Ladder

Mainly 2 options: smartclose design(or named soft close, one button close), and mechanical anti-pinch finger design.
the mechanical unit price is cheaper, but the smartclose packing volume is smaller so the unit sea freight is lower.
For someone who doesn’t used to use it, the smartclose design ladder is more suitable for them, why? See the smart close ladder, we have enough time to react, so the finger is safe. And for the experienced ones, you can choose the regular style because it is much cheaper.

The conventional step is 4cm, but we also produce 5cm and 7.5cm wide steps. Rooftop tent customers prefer 5cm wide steps, mainly because the foot contact area is larger, which is more comfortable and safer.


(4)Color customization:

Geneally the tubes with their natural color-alloy silvery. For a better appearance, or to remind users not beyond the top forth step, the factory will make color customization: Spray Painting and Oxidation.

Oxidized colored aluminum tubes are more beautiful/smooth. Spray painting will have obvious scratches after a long time of use, which is inevitable, but lower MOQ and cheaper price.
We need to be awared when we pay the money, there’s no such thing as a one-two punch.

color customization of Telescoping Ladders-Gokulad

(5)Some additional accessories:

Such as workbench, tool tray, tool bag, carriage bag, etc. to bring more convenience to the consumer.

How to choose a right telescoping ladder supplier?

For retail, I think you can choose 5-10 links of different stores to understand the price range (here pls apart from the premium space of famous brands). Products with a price difference of less than 20% are similar. You can refer to product descriptions, real customer feedback, and store services to choose the one you are satisfied and place your order.

For wholesale, the cost between different factories will be different, but not big. The difference around 5% is reasonable. We comprehensively consider the professionalism of sales services, response speed, packing, delivery on time, customization cooperation, payment support, etc. Such suppliers have more lasting cooperation. My personally don’t suggest to choose suppliers only considering the lowest price.

Of course, you can also choose a supplier with complete qualifications and certifications by spending money. we must respect different voices.


For the ladder, top step height up to 1 meter, request EN131-6:2019 for European market, ANSI 2017 for North America, and AS/NZS 1982:2018 for Australian. Step Stool Ladder check EN14183. If who tell you they have CE for the ladders, they are not professional because CE is not the standard of ladder.

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