Happy CNY 2023 and GOKULAD Holiday Schedule

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Thanksgiving 2022

To All partners and friends,

On behalf of the marketing department, sales department and production department, thank you for your support, Thank you for your support in 2022.

2023 is come, We’d like to back to you more in products, aftermarket and payment support in 2023.

You win, we win.

2023 CNY Holiday Inform

Office dpt holiday: JAN 12.2023 ——JAN 28.2023

Production dpt holiday: JAN 08.2023 ——JAN 30.2023

Back to work: JAN 31.2023

Production Schedule

Order before: NOV 16. 2022,    Delivery before CNY holiday

Order before: NOV 31. 2022,    Delivery before FEB 28.2023

Order after Jan 03. 2023,          Delivery after March 15.2023

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