GOKULAD provides professional customization design services such as products and packaging.



● You can choose the GOKULAD products you are interested in, customize the quantity and specifications (color, size, material and material thickness, etc.).
● Products are still produced using GOKULAD’s proprietary core technology.
● The price of the product varies depending on the customized specifications, GOKULAD does not charge additional processing fees.


● The customer provides his product design and entrusts GOKULAD to produce it.
● The customer provides the idea and entrusts GOKULAD’s engineering department to design the new product.
● Customer needs to pay for the mold costs incurred during the development of new products.


● The product packaging such as markings, labels, logos, manuals and cartons are customizable.
● Customers can provide their own design or request GOKULAD to help design.
● GOKULAD provides free design service.
● We only charge reasonable costs for packaging changes, such as the cost of thickened cartons is higher than that of standard cartons.

How the GOKULAD design team works

● GOKULAD has a professional design team, including engineers, appearance designers and packaging designers; they will work together with salesmen to serve customers.
● GOKULAD has a complete range of partner factories, such as carton factories and plastic parts factories, so we can quickly provide samples for customers’ reference.