There are three modes of international cargo transportation, sea, land and air, and international trade is still dominated by sea.

Sea freight

Large volume and low cost.

GOKULAD has cooperated with freight forwarders and transportation companies for many years, with flexible shipping schedule and reasonable price; Experienced in dealing with various unexpected situations; Full service from arranging booking to cargo arrival, which saves a lot of work and improves efficiency for customers who are not familiar with sea transportation.

Land freight

Railway-based, Vigorously develop the Belt and Road market, from north to Russia, south to South Asia, Central Asia, west to Middle East, Eastern Europe and other regions, safe and fast.

Some of GOKULAD’s European customers are transporting their products through China-Europe train. International railroad transportation is complicated and important in terms of packing requirements and required profiles, while we have professional in this area.

Air freight

Speed, punctuality and high efficiency.

GOKULAD has long-term cooperation with DHL, which is generally used to send documents and samples.