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How to Protect the Safety of Your Payment

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This question involves 2 different aspects.

(1) As this is your first cooperation, how can you ensure we will not disappear after you pay us the deposit? Or if we deliver a product that does not meet the agreement?

(2) As a long-term partner, when we change our bank or company information. How do we ensure that your subsequent funds enter our correct company account?

If You’re New for us

Suppose you have never heard of us before and only know about us through Google search or exhibitions and other platforms. You are interested in our products and want to try cooperate. But you are afraid that we will not be able to deliver to you according to the agreed quality/delivery date. Or you are afraid that we will run away with the money.

We understand very well that new customers will have the above concerns. We have 3 ways to eliminate your concerns.

(1) You can deposit the deposit into our Alibaba platform. Alibaba is a world-renowned trading platform that can 100% guarantee the safety of your purchase. After you receive the goods and trust us, the payment for subsequent orders can be directly transferred to the company’s public account.

(2) We will provide the company’s business license. You can visit my country’s National Enterprise Credit Information Network to check the legality of our company. And verify our company’s public bank and account information to ensure the safety of your funds.

(3) When you are ready to make your first payment, you can notify us. And we will call you to verbally confirm the account information to ensure the safety of your payment.

If We have been Partners for Many Years

If you have been our partner for many years. And suddenly receive an email from us to change the receiving bank account number. Please confirm that we have the following 2 steps:

(1) When we change the account information for public collection. We will send an account change statement stamped with our company’s official seal through the commonly used company suffix email address.

(2) After the first step of email operation. The sales staff of your company will verbally notify you of the changed information by phone for secondary verification.

If there is only email and no secondary verification by phone, please pay carefully.

Please record the email address, phone number, and other contact information of the salesperson who has been in contact with you. If you have any questions, you can call the sales staff for confirmation, or call the foreign trade manager Ms Vivian +86 13777502421.

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